How and Where to Cure Your Hangover

How and Where to Cure Your Hangover

Being such a sports-loving city, Yokohama loves a post-game party, but if you need some help with recovery, the city offers a multitude of hangover cures from picturesque cruises to ramen meccas.

Common Japanese hangover cures


A little bit of an acquired taste, umeboshi is Japan’s much loved sour and salty pickled plum, which has a flavor that can best be described as a hybrid of a peach and an olive. It’s said the enzymes and healthy bacteria from the fermentation process of the plum can kick start the body’s rejuvenation process.


Super easy to make, soft on the stomach and gentle on the tastebuds, ochazuke is a Japanese-style savoury rice porridge. In its most basic form it’s rice doused in hydrating green tea and sprinkled with toppings like nori (seaweed), salmon flakes, senbei (rice crackers), or whatever else you can find in the cupboard. It may not be the most flavourful dish but it’ll surely be better for your physical and emotional health than getting nose-deep in a big oily pizza.

Pocari Sweat

Similar to mainstream sports drinks in the west like Powerade and Gatorade, Pocari Sweat is an electrolyte-based drink that was designed to rehydrate you after a long workout. Also like its Western contemporaries it’s been lovingly adopted by drinkers as much as athletes as a way to beat the dehydration that comes after a long night in the bar — as opposed to in the gym.

Ukon no Chikara

One of the most ubiquitous hangover cures in Japan, the thick, syrupy, sweet shot of Ukon no Chikara was specifically crafted as an anti-hangover tonic. Meant to be consumed prior to a big night on the booze, it’s a potion of turmeric, and other supposedly hangover-preventing herbs and spices. Its effectiveness probably depends on the person and of course how much you drink, but given its popularity it’s worth trying at least once.

Miso soup (extra points if it has clams)

Super simple, salty and comforting, you could do a lot worse than sipping some miso soup after a night on the sake. It’s another of Japan’s fermented wonder foods, full of healthy, busy bacteria ready to help you get back to normal. For a double whammy add some amino acid-rich shijimi (freshwater clams), to the mix.

Post-drunk eats

Afro Tacos

In Japan spicy food is considered by many to be the number one style of cuisine for those wanting to beat a hangover, and really is there anything more delicious than getting lost in a bowl of jalapeno-topped nachos and spicy tacos? Afro Tacos, situated just a short stroll from Sakuragicho Station, is home to some of the best tacos in the city, and if you’re feeling up to it, a pretty excellent margarita menu too.

Afro Tacos

English OK, Non-smoking, Rugby World Cup 2019, vegan

Open until 23:00

Hard Rock Cafe

When you’re feeling a little delicate, a little hangry and just want something familiar without the fuss, then make your way to the Hard Rock Cafe situated in the heart of the easily accessible Minato Mirai district. There’s nothing like a good burger, a pile of fries, a tall ice cold soda and a side of feel good '50s rock 'n roll to get you back to normal.

Hard Rock Cafe Yokohama

Credit cards accepted, English OK, Non-smoking, Rugby World Cup 2019

Open until 23:00

Rugby Diner

Although it may be a controversial method, some people argue that the best way to deal with a hangover is to face up to your demons and get right back on the booze. If you’re here for the Rugby World Cup then it’d be a crime not to pay a visit to Rugby Diner 7Oath’s, Yokohama’s premiere rugby-loving establishment. The laid back bar and restaurant is the perfect place to catch up on all the action, make some rugby obsessed buddies and satisfy all your cravings with some hearty Western-style food.

Rugby Diner 7Oath’s

craft beer, dining, Karaoke, Non-smoking

Open until 0:00

Buy Me Stand

Head down the backstreets of Motomachi and you’ll find Buy Me Stand, a one-stop shop for all your hangover cure needs. The trendy cafe serves up thick, oozing grilled cheese sandwiches, bottomless filter coffee during the day and ice cold draft beer in the evenings.

Address: 2-108 Motomachi, Naka Ward, Yokohama, 231-0861

Access: 5-minute walk from Motomachi-Chukagai Station 

Open: Everyday, 8:00-22:00 

Gentle activities


A little pampering is one of the best ways to forget all your worries, and it doesn’t get much more luxurious than going for a reinvigorating bathing session with excellent views of the city skyline. Head up to the 14th and 15th floors of the Sky Building, directly above the Yokohama City Air Terminal, and tour the saunas and baths at your hungover leisure. Capsules and private rooms are also available but for men only (women, you'll have to sleep outside).

Skyspa Yokohama

Credit cards accepted, dining, English OK, Open after midnight

Open until 9:00

Yokohama Cruising

There’s endless ways to distract yourself from your hangover here in Yokohama, but arguably one of the best ways is to hop aboard a tranquil city boat cruise. Yokohama has an almost endless list of cruising options both for those who want to party and those who want to relax.

Yokohama Cruising

Cruise, dining, Rugby World Cup 2019

Open until 19:00

Yokohama Landmark Tower Sky Garden

If you’re feeling guilty about spending the day in bed and want to make it so the post-party 24 hours haven’t been a complete waste, make the short trip to Yokohama Landmark Tower Sky Garden to admire the incredible view of the glittering Yokohama bayside and skyline from the 69th floor observation deck. The fully immersive 360-degree, panoramic views are sure to make you forget that pounding hangover headache in no time. 

Yokohama Landmark Tower Sky Garden

Barrier-free, English OK, Observatory, Rugby World Cup 2019

Open until 22:00

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